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Notemate SCM and Reporting Tool is a web application developed to assist the public sector in proactively preventing, identifying and reporting irregular expenditure. This is achieved by completing all SCM Compliance checks prior to an order being issued.

It is a tool to manage the SCM process for demand, acquisition, logistics and contract management, with accountability throughout the process.

Notemate’s success is driven by improving financial and supply chain management to attain effective, efficient and economical utilization of public finances using IT solutions.


Invictus Consulting is public sector specialists with 20 years’ experience and is owned and managed by Chartered Accountants. The company has gained a wealth of knowledge and skills in financial management and supply chain management from project managing key consulting projects in all 3 spheres of the public sector.

Just ICT is a proudly South African IT Consulting Company that provides IT infrastructure services & solutions while also specializing in software development. We have established a reputation for developing web applications that are tailored towards fulfilling our client’s business process requirements. Our focus when creating web applications is to minimize human errors while developing an effective and efficient system that is simple and user-friendly.


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  • Web Based
  • Enables users to access a single database from multiple locations
  • The user interface is easy to use
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  • Role based authentication
  • Officials are accountable for their functions
  • Capturing is verified by reviewers
  • Audit Log for all status changes and users
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  • Workflow can be customized to suit your organization
  • Delegations built into SCM compliance
  • System generated requisition numbers
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  • Access real-time reports relating to SCM and irregular expenditure
  • Document management system, where all the relevant documentation is grouped by requisition and order.
  • A single consolidated report with the requisition, status, order and payment details relating to a transaction.
  • Commitment report for cashflow management
  • Commitment note for financial statement report
  • Contract register
  • Reporting of deviations to the relevant treasury and AG
  • Monthly irregular expenditure reports to the Treasury
  • Reporting of Local Content to DTI
  • Irregular expenditure note and working papers for the financial statements
  • Reports of the determination test for submission to Treasury for condonation of irregular expenditure
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  • Standard SCM process addressing all SCM prescripts across all offices
  • Internal Control has the ability to review all SCM processes as part of the internal audit plan
  • Assessment, determination, consequence management and condonation of irregular expenditure recorded on the tool

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